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Sunday, … last day of Feb 2010

i opened my eyes.
is it Sunday, isn’t it?
phew… what a terrible night last night was. 😦
a friend of mine got accident when was returning back from the office.
a message received was quite clear to makes me rushed out of home, took my motor key, then speeding to hospital… didn’t realize that i was not wearing helmet.
even, if necessary… it’s not here i’m belong to anymore. any places are okay.
graveyard? … that’s beyond my authority, dude.

woke up on hot sunny day, surely my laundry would dried up in a short time. heheh… remembering they are whom always complaining about the climate, why don’t they take the bright side? Lame… just because, they are used to work under AC.

and now, again.
still using a-1000-clicks style on Facebook… *haha*
realizing that some of gift requests’ app will expire if i don’t accept them immediately.
FB’ing is gaming for me, nothing more nothing less.
expect more? do not ask me.
seeing people’s effort on gaming via FB is more interesting than seeing ridiculouses status updates. mostly like “want to be eyed”.
are you outcasted, then you try to find a place where people are able to “catch your existence”??

one p.m o’clock.
really hot here,… really.
looked up on the sky at southern above, a solid and bold clouds wandering high. Looks like they will overhelming the area down here.

yes, i’m used to be “a not-so-right-person in wrong time”
whatever you’re thinking about me now,
all i know is i’m clearing your images up both from my mind… and my notebook.

any objections are accepted, but i don’t think my today’s mind even needs a single objection.

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3 Responses

  1. dhila says:

    yeah, i didnt see it.
    and how bout this *my motor key*.
    motor?? maksudnya mesin? bergerak? sumber benda bergerak? hehe
    i think it should be motorcycle. cmiiw. 😛

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